ieee80211 subsystem for Linux
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The ieee80211 source code is available as a GIT repository overlay. An overlay is a GIT repository that does not contain all of the objects needed to build a full tree from itself. Instead, it contains only those objects that differ from the tree from which the repository was derived.

The current location for the ieee80211 GIT overlay is:


You can easily obtain the full GIT tree, including all required objects, by running the following:

% rsync rsync:// .
% ./git-grab-overlay rsync:// ieee80211-dev/

The first line will download a script that automates the process of walking the repository ancestor tree and fetching the objects needed for each of the parent trees.

The second line executes the git-grab-overlay script which will connect to the target overlay repository (first parameter) and build a full repository in the directory specified by the second parameter.

You can examine the parental lineage of the tree by looking in the ancestors file:

cat .git/refs/ancestors
As you can tell by the contents of that file, the ieee80211 GIT overlay is derived from the netdev-2.6#ieee80211 branch.

If you want to update your repository to the latest version available, simply rerun the git-grab-overlay script with the same parameters and it will grab any updates.

Last Updated: Oct 17 2005