ieee80211 subsystem for Linux
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Jul 12 2007 Changes in 1.2.18
status: The same as mainline 2.6.22 with trival compatibility patches for kernels since 2.6.9
  • Add compatibility patch for linux-2.6.22 sk_buff structure change
  • Fix remove-old not to remove mac80211 related files

Apr 02 2007 Changes in 1.2.17
status: Not in mainline yet, but the change is trival (add more definitions in the radiotap header. If you are using kernel 2.6.20-rc1 or newer, can use the ieee80211 subsystem provided with your kernel instead of installing this package.
  • Fix connection problem with an encrypted AP (WPA and WEP) on kernels earlier than 2.6.18 (This problem only exists on 1.2.16).
  • Makefile suggests to use bash if it is not the default SHELL.
  • Makefile keeps quite if Modules.symvers doesn't exist.

Jan 05 2007 Changes in 1.2.16
status: Merged in mainline commit-id 3eb546057dd65ec75c900c9948684ffd5e617630 available as of 2.6.20-rc1. If you are using kernel 2.6.20-rc1 or newer, you can use the ieee80211 subsystem provided with your kernel instead of installing this package.
  • Remove IEEE80211_VERSION_API macro and symbol ieee80211_api_version
  • Crypto cipher fix for kernel 2.6.19 and above
  • Fix a WLAN_GET_SEQ_SEQ() select the wrong region bug

Aug 21 2006 Changes in 1.2.15
Status: Merged in mainline commit-id f09fc44d8c25f22c4d985bb93857338ed02feac6 available as of 2.6.18-rc4. If you are using kernel 2.6.18-rc4 or newer, you can use the ieee80211 subsystem provided with your kernel instead of installing this package.
  • Add IEEE80211 version number checking macros
  • Export symbol ieee80211_api_version for dynamical checking by drivers.
  • Workaround malformed 802.11 frames from AP
  • Fix TKIP and WEP decryption error on SMP machines
  • Add IEEE80211_API_VERSION macro and export symbol ieee80211_api_version
  • TKIP and CCMP replay check rework
  • remove ieee80211_tx() is_queue_full warning
  • Fix header->qos_ctl endian issue

Jun 12 2006 Changes in 1.1.14
  • Add kernel 2.6.8 compatibility support patches
  • Make remove-old be aware of in-tree sofmac
  • Make Makefile deal better with CONFIG_* definitions
  • Fix modprobe warning of "disagree about version of ..." bug

Mar 31 2006 Changes in 1.1.13
  • Fix TKIP MIC calculation for QoS frames
  • Fix TX code doesn't enable QoS when using WPA + QoS
  • Fix remove-old script removing kernel headers problem

Feb 16 2006 Changes in 1.1.12
  • Fix ieee80211_wx_set_auth and ieee80211_wx_get_auth exported but not defined problem while WIRELESS_EXT < 18
  • Fix script remove-old doesn't detect kernel source headers problem
  • Remove ieee80211 TX "is_queue_full" warning
  • Use IWEVGENIE to set WPA IE (thanks to Chris Hessing)
  • Add common wx auth code (from upstream)
  • Add two management functions to ieee80211_rx.c (from upstream)

Feb 06 2006 Changes in 1.1.11
  • Fix compare_ether_addr is not defined in old kernels (<= 2.6.14)

Jan 26 2006 Changes in 1.1.10
  • Add TIM information element parsing support
  • Add TKIP crypt->build_iv and change the interface to return key and keylen

Jan 16 2006 Changes in 1.1.9
  • Re-based on 2.6.15 to incorporate multiple upstream fixes
  • Fixed compiler warning if CONFIG_IEEE80211_DEBUG not defined
  • Fixed problem with channel validity check not working on A bands.
  • 802.11h information element and data type definitions added
  • Fixed problem with ibss_dfs object not being freed if set on reset
  • Removed deprecated tkip_countermeasures member from ieee80211_device
  • Added default handlers for various 802.11h DFS and TPC information elements.
  • Added debug message with information on unparsed IEs if debug_level set.
  • Added code to reset network IBSS DFS information when appropriate.
  • Added code to invoke driver callback for 802.11h ACTION STYPE
  • Changed a few printk's to IEEE80211_DEBUG_MGMT
  • Fixed compatibility problem with __nocast
  • Fixed problem with remove-old not working on some distros (thanks to Henrik Brix Andersen for the correcting an oversite in this change)

Jan 09 2006 Changes in 1.1.8
  • Fix kzalloc() and gfp_t referenced in old kernels bug (thanks to Axel Thimm)
  • Fix compile errors for kernels don't have WE-18 support

Jan 06 2006 Changes in 1.1.7
  • Fixed a memory leak bug (thanks to kirill)
  • Add LEAP authentication algorithm support
  • Fixed iwlist scan can only show about 20 APs
  • Fixed problem with WEP unicast key > index 0 (thanks to Volker Braun)
  • Fixed to use GFP mask on TX skb allocation (thanks to Michael Buesch)
  • Fixed to use the tx_headroom and reserve requested space (thanks to Michael Buesch)
  • Fixed older kernel compatibility issues with __le16, __nocast, and NETDEV_TX_BUSY (thanks to Mike Hommey)

Oct 21 2005 Changes in 1.1.6
  • Fixed oops if an uninitialized key is used for Tx encryption
  • Fixed problem with not encrypting/decrypting broadcast packets
  • Fixed Wireless Extension backward compatibility problems
  • Updated to contain latest fixes and changes from netdev-2.6#upstream
  • Added 'patch_kernel' makefile target -- do not use unless you are willing to reinstall your kernel sources if it fails (still being tested)

Oct 17 2005 Changes in 1.1.5
  • Lindent and trailing whitespace script executed ieee80211 subsystem
  • When an assoc_resp is received the network structure is not completely initialized which can cause problems for drivers that expect the network structure to be completely filled in (thanks to Ivo van Doorn)
  • Currently the info_element is parsed by 2 seperate functions, this results in a lot of duplicate code. (thanks to Ivo van Doorn)
  • Fix implicit nocast warnings in ieee80211 code: net/ieee80211/ieee80211_tx.c:215:9: warning: implicit cast to nocast type (thanks to Randy Dunlap)
  • Move the ieee80211_is_ofdm_rate function to the ieee80211.h header, and I also added the ieee80211_is_cck_rate counterpart (thanks to Ivo van Doorn)
  • Fixes a typo in ieee80211.h: ieee82011_deauth -> ieee80211_deauth (thanks to Michael Wu)
  • Changed crypto method from requiring a struct ieee80211_device reference to the init handler. Instead we now have a get/set flags method for each crypto component.
  • Added handle_deauth() callback , enhanced tkip/ccmp support of varying hw/sw offload.
  • Fixed #768 Keep auth mode unchanged after iwconfig key off/on cycle
  • Switched to sscanf in store_debug_level

Jul 14 2005 Changes in 1.0.3
  • Cleaned up some prior merge regressions when syncing with netdev-2.6
  • Fixed some whitespace issues.
  • Removed some un-needed comments.
  • Removed duplicate defines, for example: IEEE80211_DATA_HDR4_LEN => IEEE80211_4ADDR_LEN

Jul 13 2005 Changes in 1.0.2
  • Fix type-o: abg_ture -> abg_true (thanks to Hong Liu)
  • Fix 64-bit warnings (thanks to Pedro Ramalhais)
  • Fix to refernce of skb->priority after skb freed (thank to Zhu Yi)
  • Fixed Makefile's check_old to look in correct path for .config and include/linux/autoconf.h (thanks to Pedro Ramalhais)

Jul 12 2005 Changes in 1.0.1
  • Updated to latest ieee80211-dev work (compatible with ipw-dev tree, ipw2100 1.1.1, and ipw2200 1.0.5)
  • Modified ieee80211_geo to start adding more geographies and to correct an 802.11h mapping problem.
  • Added WE18 support (thanks to Hong Liu)
  • memcpy() parameter reversal fix (thanks to akamatsu)
  • Fixed compatibility problem with kernel due to multiple definitions of is_multicast_ether_addr()
  • Modified 'make check' to be 'make check_old' so as not to conflict with Gentoo's Portage system.
  • Fix TKIP encryption and fragmentation code rewrite (thanks to Hong Liu)
  • Add ieee->host_encrypt_msdu to avoid ipw specific change in ieee80211.
  • Sync with netdev-2.6 ieee80211 branch.

Last Updated: Jan 16 2006